Sunil Samanta

Sunil Samanta
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01. Must know requirement and resolutions(compact or expanded) and plan accordingly to start with that particular resolution and sizes.

02. Make sure the resolution used as per web standards not less than 72 resolution.

03. Place guide layers as per bootstrap grid layout, at present all are of bootstrap based.

04. Divide columns according to grids, keeping in mind the usability.

05. Maintain the color theme balanced on entire layout, as per column and template.

06. Font selection must be balanced, more than two font styles are not suggested, as default font will always be in count.

07. Use a consistent layout and repeat certain elements throughout the site.

08. The best way to keep visitors glued to a site is through valuable content, good organization and attractive design. Keep the elements simple and well organized.

09. Good use of color, appropriate color scheme will contain 2 or 3 primary colors(depending on client's requirement) that blend well and create a proper mood or tone. Don't overdo the color, as it can distract from the written content.

10. Taking care of images while using in the site, because a good image is equal to 1000 words so be selective on selecting an appropriate image which fits well with the section and template.

Note: All these are subjected to change according to the present day web-technologies it may change, but we must take care about these in basic.

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